How do referrals work? | Team Covenant

How do referrals work?

Every account has a unique, unchanging referral link. You can find your referral link on the Referrals section of your Account. Copy and paste it wherever you want to generate referrals, or use the Facebook and/or Twitter buttons to share directly to those accounts.

When someone follows your referral link and checks out with a Covenant Subscription product, you have completed the first step to a successful referral.

The first time that referred subscription is processed (charged), the second step is complete and you immediately receive $5 in store credit.

This can happen an unlimited number of times. If you refer 30 people to the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Pack Subscription, you will receive $150 in store credit the next time that subscription is processed.

Note: An account can only be referred once. If you have already signed up for a subscription using a referral link, signing up for a second subscription with a different referral link will not grant any store credit.