What if I do not receive my store credit? | Team Covenant

What if I do not receive my store credit?

There are four primary reasons that store credit is not granted.

1) Your friend did not start their session with your referral link. Referrals only count when the session started with your referral link is the same session in which you checkout with a subscription. If you visit our site with a referral link, click off, and then come back later and checkout, a referral will not be granted.

2) Your friend had adblocking or cookie blocking extensions enabled on their browser. These extensions block the referral system from functioning correctly.

3) Your friend has not had their subscription processed yet. Remember, a referral is only granted when a subscription is charged NOT when your friend first signs up.

4) Your friend signed up for multiple subscriptions using different referral links. In this instance, the first subscription charged will count as the referral for your friend's account!